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Lavor’s MotoGP commitment increases: partnership with LCR honda strengthened in 2021

For the new season in fact, Lavor has become “Premium Partner” of LCR Honda, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary and has just confirmed the extension of its participation in MotoGP™ until 2026. Lavor will continue to be “Official Cleaning Technologies Supplier” of the Team in 2021 as well.

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Owning a high-pressure cleaner for your home – benefits, tips and maintenance

Anyone who has a detached house, or is responsible for yard or garden maintenance, knows how much time and effort it takes to deal with these aspects of a house.

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Unblocking sewage systems, gutters and drains using a high-pressure washer

With a suitable accessory and a modicum of dexterity, a high-pressure washer will provide this degree of maintenance, be it routine or non-routine, with a result that is both professional and surprising.

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Choosing a high-pressure washer for household use

In order, therefore, to choose the most suitable high-pressure washer for your needs, you must make a primary assessment of what it will be used for and how often. To help you choose the model that best fits your needs, Lavor has come up with Washing Level, a PURCHASING GUIDE that is easy, rapid and safe.

Troubleshooting common high-pressure household cleaner issues

High-pressure washer are appliances that are fairly easy to use and require low levels of maintenance. The most intuitive machine can, however, run into a number of issues that prevent the user from getting the job done.

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